b'2021 SPRING/SUMMERBudget-Friendly, Design-OrientedCreativeMaterialsCorporationsuppliessurfacematerials suchastile,resilientflooring,paversandsettingmaterials to the commercial construction industry. Utilizing extensive experience,CreativeMaterialsguidesarchitecturefirms, developers, and corporate multi-unit brands through product specification and the successful supply of materials to each and every project. Creative Materials adds value to clients projects by offering an unmatched combination of product sourcing capabilities, nationwide supply chain solutions, and excellenceinservice.Acommitted,consultativeapproach enables clients to create with confidence.www.creativematerialscorp.com LOOKBOOK1.800.207.2967B U D G E T-F R I E N D LY, D ES I G N-O R I E N T E D'