Our Design and Sourcing Department operates out of a massive tile, glass, and LVT architectural library.  Staffed by product experts and interior designers, the department provides no-cost design and sourcing services such as concept and mood board material sourcing and pattern layout designs.  The team understands important details about surface materials that are critical when designing commercial spaces, such as nominal sizing, technical requirements, and which manufacturers produce the surface materials you are looking for most efficiently (which helps lower costs for your clients).

Mood Board Sourcing
Our staff will review your mood board or concept imagery and curate a selection of tile and/or LVT options based on your inspiration. Or, feel free to send in one-off requests for specific aesthetics or matches. With 100+ manufacturing partners to choose from, the sky is the limit!

Pattern Layout Designs
Or, choose to use our design services and an interior designer will develop unique pattern layouts using your design concepts.  To use this service, we’ll request your inspiration and goals for the space.  Using your inspiration and goals, we’ll move into schematic design and generate black and white sketches of patterns (with color integrated if needed) and send you for review.  Once approved, we’ll move into design development and use the hand sketches to develop the concept.  We’ll compose professional documents to submit to you for review.  We’ll take your feedback and revise as needed.  When complete we’ll send over the final files and you can integrate these into your drawings as you see fit.

Examples of Mood Board Sourcing

Client Supplied Inspiration

Client Supplied Inspiration - Mood Board Sourcing


Creative Materials Interpretation

Creative Materials Tile Options Interpretation


Client Supplied Inspiration

Client Supplied Mood Board/Concept Imagery


Creative Materials Interpretation

Creative Materials Interpretation of Mood Board/Concept Imagery

Examples of Pattern Layout Designs

Example 1:
Tile pattern design using Madera Elmwood and Madera Elmwood Décor

Tile Pattern Layout Designs

Example 2:
The inspiration came from looking at the ends of shipping containers as they are stacked high in a container terminal. There are moments where the colors of the containers create long vertical and horizontal bars; “Tetris” like shapes that lock themselves between the bars with interspersed pops of contrasting colors.

Tile Pattern Layout Design from Inspiration Photo

More Ways We Can Help

Grout Color Selection
Everyone dreads picking a grout color, right? Not us, we live for this stuff! We’ll pick the color that will coordinate best with your tile. We can also provide suggestions on how to create cool effects by contrasting the grout color with your tile.

Aluminum Extruded Profile Recommendations
We can provide recommendations for the right profiles to fit your project conditions and the best colors to work with your tile design.

Contact The Design & Sourcing Team Now!

Please indicate “design and sourcing request” in the comment/message box of the contact request form.

*Lead times for sourcing requests are typically 1-2 business days, mood board sourcing 2-3 business days, and pattern designs 5-7 business days.  Creative Materials does not guarantee lead times, but will communicate expected turnaround time when a request is submitted.  Creative Materials reserves the right to refuse a design and sourcing request at our sole discretion.