Product Specification Consolidation

Creative Materials' Specification Consolidation program example

What is the most common reason for specified materials to be switched out?  It’s because of the way in which products within product categories are selected.  On the real finish schedule shown to the left, there are over 40 different ceramic, porcelain and glass tile products selected from 12 different suppliers.  If tile is not ordered in time, and if any one of those suppliers is unable to supply the originally selected products within the required timeframe, the original design becomes compromised by the proposal of alternates.  Creative Materials helped a designer consolidate this specification from 12 suppliers down to 1.  This eliminated the need to select alternates because our project management team closely monitored every item.  

Through a thoughtful and strategic approach to product selection, designers can minimize the likelihood of having to re-select by using Creative Materials’ Specification Consolidation program.  Using our global network of over 100+ partner manufacturers, we can help you source and supply the entirety of your design vision.  Single Supplier = Single Point of Contact = Single Source of Accountability.   Our Specification Consolidation program works by creating additional layers of control that allow for a more repeatable process.  To a commercial specifier this simply equates to a greater likelihood of your specifications becoming a reality.  The benefits of our Specification Consolidation program include:

Work Smarter, not harder with our Specification Consolidation program

  • Single point of contact for architects and designers when discussing tile and LVT needs on a project
  • Lowered prices as a result of both product optimization and volume purchases
  • Reduced freight charges resulting from consolidation of shipments
  • Single point of contact for contractors making for an easier and more efficient bidding and ordering process
  • Minimized risk of contractors not ordering tile and LVT on time with systematized process in place

By using our Specification Consolidation program, our team will help ensure a more seamless and successful experience when specifying tile and LVT on your next project. 

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