Ceppo di Gre Porcelain Paver

Ceppo di Gre is a precious and rare natural stone quarried from the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. Ceppo is a dolomitic breccia, which is rock composed of broken fragments of minerals cemented together by a fine-grained matrix, giving Ceppo a conglomerate appearance.

Ceppo is a great architectural stone due to its composition and resilience; this drew the attention of famous architects, like Renzo Piano, making this already rare, single-sourced stone even more difficult to acquire. This porcelain version of Ceppo is a great sustainable option, allowing designers to showcase this stunning stone in their designs.

Ceppo di Gre standard thickness tile also available






  • 18x36
    20"x40" | White & Taupe only
  • 32x32
    32"x32" | Grey only


Body Porcelain-Glazed Color Body
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price Porcelain/Ceramic: $ = <$3, $$ = $3-6, $$$ = $6-10, $$$$ = $10+ | Glass: $ = $1-10, $$ = $11-20, $$$ = $20-30, $$$$ = $30+. For budgeting purposes. Applies to field tile (not mosaics, trim, decor). Overall average used-some items slightly less or slightly more than range. $$$
Lead Time 6-8 Weeks
Stock Availability Indicates domestic or import product and where stock is held. Some import products have US stock available as indicated. Import/Factory Stock
Thickness 2cm
Rectified Yes
Look Stone, Stone (Other)
Finish Textured

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤0.5%
Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-6 ≤150mm2
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 ≥4000N
Scratch Hardness MOHS not available
DCOF ANSI A137.1 ≥0.42