The elegance of natural wood and the fun of décor is what came together to form Madera. Offered in sizes not typically seen for wood, and a multitude of styles and patterns, this collection offers more than just traditional ways to incorporate wood into your designs. In addition, Madera pairs effortlessly with our Multidimensional collection for a visually crafted, eye-catching wall and floor combination.


Madera Elmwood


Madera Walnut


Madera Mahogany


Madera Sabine


Madera Iroko



Madera Elmwood 8x8 Decor

8"x8" Elmwood Decor

Madera Elmwood 8x8 Decor 2

8"x8" Elmwood Decor

Madera Sabine 8x8 Decor

8"x8" Sabine Décor

Madera Sabine 8x8 Decor 2

8"x8" Sabine Décor

8"x8" Decor

Madera Walnut 8x8 Decor

8"x8" Walnut Déco

Madera Iroko 8x8 Decor

8"x8" Iroko Décor

Madera Mahogany 8x8 Decor

8"x8" Mahogany Décor

Madera Elmwood 3x12 Decor

3"x12" Elmwood Décor

Madera Sabine 3x12 Decor

3"x12" Sabine Décor

3"x12" Elmwood Décor,3"x12" Sabine Décor,3"x12" Walnut Décor,3"x12" Mahogany Décor Mix

Madera Walnut 3x12 Decor

3"x12" Walnut Décor

Madera Walnut 3x12 Decor 2

3"x12" Walnut Décor

Madera Mahogany 3x12 Decor Mix

3"x12" Mahogany Decor

Madera Iroko 3x12 Decor 2

3"x12" Iroko Décor

3"x12" Iroko Décor

Madera Elmwood Mini Tatami 3D Mosaic Tile

Elmwood Mini Tatami 3D

Madera Elmwood Mosaic Plank 3D

Elmwood Plank 3D

Madera Elmwood Tatami Mosaic 3D

Elmwood Mosaic 3D

3D Decor

3D available in all colors & for wall only


  • 8x48
  • 12x48
  • 24x24

  • 3.75"x21" Chevron
  • 3x12
    3"x12" Wall Tile


  • Bullnose


Body Glazed Porcelain
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price $$
Lead Time 4-6 Weeks
Stock Availability Import/Factory Stock
Thickness 9mm,8.5mm
Finish Natural, Structured
* Structured available in 12"x48" only

Environmental Impact

Recycled Content 20%
Recycled Content Type Pre-Consumer

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤10%
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 R≥45 N/mm2
Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-6 140 mm3
Scratch Hardness MOHS not available
DCOF DCOF AcuTest ≥0.42