Pietra Serena Gauged Porcelain

Pietra Serena is a fine-grained sandstone in a blue-gray colorway quarried outside of Florence, Italy. The stone covers the sidewalks of Florence and is where Steve Jobs saw the uniformly grained and colored stone, which was later incorporated into the Apple Store’s minimalist interiors.

This gauged porcelain version of Pietra Serena replicates the sandstone’s fine-grained aesthetic and colorway. The color palette is a gradient of cool and warm colors, each one becoming more saturated, making it a perfect collection of neutral colors for any interior. 

Pietra Serena standard thickness tile also available. 


Cool 01

Cool 02

Cool 03

Cool 05

Warm 07

Warm 10


  • 48x48


Body Porcelain-Glazed Color Body
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price Porcelain/Ceramic: $ = <$3, $$ = $3-6, $$$ = $6-10, $$$$ = $10+ Glass: $ = $1-10, $$ = $11-20, $$$ = $20-30, $$$$ = $30+. For budgeting purposes. Applies to field tile (not mosaics, trim, decor). Overall average used - some items slightly less or slightly more than range. $$
Lead Time Estimated based upon averages. Lead times on each order depend upon availability at time of order. West coast of US should add +1 week if product is import. Contact us for QTYs >5,000SF. 6-8 Weeks
Stock Availability Indicates domestic or import product and where stock is held. Some import products have US stock available as indicated. Import/Factory Stock
Thickness 6mm
Look Stone (Sandstone)
Finish Natural

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤0.1%
Abraision Resistence ISO 10545-6 ≤150mm3
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 ≥48N/mm2
Scratch Hardness MOHS not available
DCOF ANSI A13701 ≥0.42