Restore Thinner

Restore Thinner is a thin wood plank collection. These 5.5mm porcelain tiles have been Robinson tested at the Tile Council of America labs, receiving an “extra heavy” duty service rating. They are ideal for commercial floor, wall and exterior applications. A great option if you want to carry your design to the exterior spaces.


Restore Thinner Antiqued Fence

Antiqued Fence

Restore Thinner Cotton Mill

Cotton Mill

Restore Thinner Tobacco Barn

Tobacco Barn

Restore Thinner Weathered Dock

Weathered Dock


  • 8"x39"

  • 8"x59"


Body Through Body
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price $$$$
Lead Time 1-2 Weeks
Stock Availability Domestic/Factory Stock
Thickness 5.5mm
Finish Natural

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ASTM-C373 <0.1%
Breaking Strength ASTM-C648 >250 lbf
Abrasion Resistance not available
Scratch Hardness MOHS 7
DCOF ANSI A137.1 ≥0.42