A fresh take on a terracotta-cement look in your favorite hexagon shape. Available in three warm shades and three cool shades that you can mix and match. Terra also has an extensive collection of décor options.


Terra Avorio Terracotta-Cement Look Porcelain Tile


Terra Ocra Terracotta-Cement Look Porcelain Tile


Terra Rosso Terracotta-Cement Look Porcelain Tile


Terra Grigio Terracotta-Cement Look Porcelain Tile


Terra Antracite Terracotta-Cement Look Porcelain Tile


Terra Nero Terracotta-Cement Look Porcelain Tile



Terra Triangle Decor

Triangle Decor

Terra Triangle Decor 2

Triangle Decor 2

Terra Rosso Hex

Rosso Hex

Terra Ocra Hex

Ocra Hex

Terra Nero Hex

Nero Hex

Terra Grigio Hex

Grigio Hex

Terra Avorio Hex

Avorio Hex

Terra Antracite Hex

Antracite Hex

Terra Stella Decor

Stella Decor

Terra Stella Decor 2

Stella Decor 2

Terra Quad Decor

Quad Decor

Terra Quad Decor 2

Quad Decor 2

Terra Ottagon Decor

Ottagon Decor

Terra Ottagon Decor 2

Ottagon Decor 2

Terra Ornam Decor

Ornam Decor

Terra Ornam Decor 2

Ornam Decor 2

Terra Linea Decor

Linea Decor

Terra Linea Decor 2

Linea Decor 2

Terra Giglio Decor

Giglio Decor

Terra Giglio Decor 2

Giglio Decor 2

Terra Geo Decor

Geo Decor

Terra Geo Decor 2

Geo Decor 2

Terra Cube Decor

Cube Decor

Terra Cube Decor 2

Cube Decor 2

Terra Col Decor

Col Decor

Terra Col Decor 2

Col Decor 2

Terra Card Decor

Card Decor

Terra Card Decor 2

Card Decor2

Terra Astro Decor

Astro Decor

Terra Astro Decor 2

Astro Decor 2

Terra Stella Hex Decor

Stella Hex Decor

Terra Stella Hex Decor 2

Stella Hex Decor 2

Terra Rombo

Terra Rombo

Terra Rombo 2

Terra Rombo 2

Terra Porzione


Terra Porzione 2

Porzione 2

Terra Giglio Hex Decor

Giglio Hex Decor

Terra Giglio Hex Decor 2

Giglio Hex Decor 2

Terra Floreale Hex Decor

Floreale Hex Decor

Terra Floreale Hex Decor 2

Floreale Hex Decor 2

Terra Fiore Hex Decor

Fiore Hex Decor

Terra Fiore Hex Decor 2

Fiore Hex Decor 2

Terra Cubo Hex Decor

Cubo Hex Decor

Terra Cubo Hex Decor 2

Cubo Hex Decor 2

Terra Cornice Hex Decor

Cornice Hex Decor

Terra Cornice Hex Decor 2

Cornice Hex Decor 2

Terra Com Gigli Hex Decor

Com Hex Decor

Terra Com Gigli Hex Decor 2

Com Hex Decor 2

Terra Col Hex Decor

Col Hex Decor

Terra Col Hex Decor 2

Col Hex Decor 2

Terra Card Hex Decor

Card Hex Decor

Terra Card Hex Decor 2

Card Hex Decor 2

Terra Astro Hex Decor

Astro Hex Decor

Terra Astro Hex Decor 2

Astro Hex Decor 2


  • 3x12
  • 8x8
  • 8.5x10 hex
    10"x8.5" Hexagon


  • Bullnose


Body Full Body
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price Range is $-$$$$ $$
Lead Time Estimated based upon averages. Lead times on each order depend upon availability at time of order. 4-6 Weeks
Stock Availability Indicates domestic or import product and where stock is held. Some import products have US stock available as indicated. Import/Factory Stock
Thickness 9mm
Rectified No
Look Terracotta
Finish Matte

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤0.10%
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 R ≥ 45 N/mm2
Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-6 ≤ 150mm3
Scratch Hardness MOHS not available
DCOF DCOF AcuTest ≥0.42