Sunoco – APlus, Stripes

Sunoco – APlus, Stripes - Tile Supply Program Case Study

Location: USA
Project Type: Convenience Stores
Area Supplied: Main Retail Floor, Restroom Floors & Walls
Product: Custom Porcelain Floor Tile, Slate Blue 24″ x 24″; Custom Porcelain Wall Tile, Slate Brown, Slate Blue 12″ x 12″; Schluter Trim, Grout, Mortar, Primer, Floor Self-Leveler, Concrete Patching Material

Sunoco’s Retail business markets its brand of gasoline through approximately 4,900 retail outlets in 26 states mainly east of the Mississippi, from Maine to Florida and west to Wisconsin and Louisiana. Sunoco also has more than 650 APlus branded convenience stores.

Develop custom match to discontinued product and improve upon nationwide supply chain program.

Sunoco had been using a much-loved line of porcelain tile products in each of their APlus Convenience Stores for at least five years. Their preferred tiles were produced via an older roto-color technology that was quickly becoming obsolete in the tile industry due to the rapid advancement of new digital printing technology. With virtually all tile manufacturers removing their roto-color production lines and replacing them with digital printing, it was only a matter of time until Sunoco’s specified tile would be discontinued.

Sunoco Tile Supply Case Study - Restroom TileIn 2015, the day finally came when Sunoco’s prior tile supplier communicated that Sunoco’s primary field tile would no longer be manufactured. Sunoco reached out to Creative Materials to see if a match could be found. Creative Materials tapped into a vast network of global manufacturing partnerships and sought to accomplish three things:

  1. Develop a custom match for Sunoco’s primary field tile that was being discontinued;
  2. Assure the custom tile would be compatible in size as it would need to be utilized for repairs for all stores that had the original tile; and
  3. Design an optimized Nationwide Tile Supply Chain Program that would provide a meaningful reduction to Sunoco’s current product and logistics costs.

Creative Materials consulted with several different manufacturing partners both domestically and internationally searching for a partner that would be able to replicate the aesthetic and texture of Sunoco’s prior product.  Ultimately, Creative Materials identified a domestic manufacturing partner with the ability to provide the required aesthetic and textural features, and improved cost savings over the original discontinued product by more than 35%! Additionally, this manufacturing partner had the technical capabilities to rectify the tiles via a secondary production process. This assured that the new tiles could be implemented in any future repairs for existing stores. This allowed the brand to utilize their original aesthetic and assured a strong brand image.

In addition to the direct cost benefits, Creative Materials drove soft cost savings and efficiency by customizing a supply chain program that included the following:

  • Improved material lead times from 10-14 days to 2-3 days from placement of order; and
  • Improved contractor bid/ordering process with centralized account management contact and consolidated
    product delivery of all tile and setting material products. 

With over 20 years of experience in developing customized national tile supply rollout programs, Creative Materials understands the needs of regional and national convenience store brands like Sunoco. By utilizing global manufacturing partnerships and an optimized nationwide distribution network, Creative Materials developed a tile supply program that helped solve Sunoco’s challenge of having their current product discontinued, and provided a 35%+ cost savings.

Key benefits to Sunoco include:

  • 35%+ cost savings over prior material cost
  • Consistent nationwide pricing
  • Nationwide lead time of 2-3 days
  • Dedicated product availability
  • Consolidated jobsite deliveries of all tile and setting materials
  • 25-year flooring system warranty

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