Customizing and consolidating surface material programs (resilient flooring, porcelain ceramic and glass tile, setting materials, and related accessories) for multi-unit corporate brand clients since 1993.

S = Single point of contact for control and pricing consistency

A = Allocated stock reserved exclusively for your brand eliminates stock-outs

F = Fast delivery 2-3 days nationwide

E = Efficient supply chain and material sourcing significantly reduces cost


A S.A.F.E. surface material supply chain program from Creative Materials eliminates these and other concerns by offering consistency, control, and efficiency above all else.

S = Single point of contact means a dedicated phone number and email address for your brand by which all inquiries – pricing, inventory, product questions, and anything else that comes up, are handled by a team having a working knowledge of your brand. Want a custom-branded, easy-to-use order template which can be filled out digitally? We’ve got you covered! We make it our business to know your brand.

A = Allocating stock for your brand virtually eliminates the possibility of stock-outs. Because every order flows through the centralized team, materials are monitored closely to ensure constant availability.

F = Fast delivery means 2-3 days nationwide! We optimize appropriate stocking locations throughout our distribution network based on your development schedule. The waiting game is gone!

E = Efficient supply chain and material sourcing significantly reduces cost. Your options for material supply are not limited, but can be limiting, depending on the model your brand uses. With Creative Material’s intimate knowledge of how each option works, we can confidently ensure we’re bringing you the most efficient supply chain available. In addition, our global network of manufacturers means you have more design choices than when working with only one manufacturer, and our increased buyer power equals better pricing for you.