2024 Spring Summer

2024 Spring Summer Featured Collections

The elements of design are building blocks utilized by architects and interior designers to create successful compositions. The 2024 Spring Summer Featured Collections embrace shape and texture as two fundamental elements that play a vital role in how a piece is perceived and experienced.

Both shape and texture interact with other design elements, such as color, line, and space, and they contribute to the overall composition in ways that affect how the design is interpreted emotionally and psychologically. They can be used to attract attention, guide the viewer’s eye, convey information, and enhance the usability of a design. Shape and texture are integral to creating visually interesting and engaging designs.

With these elements of design at the forefront of our curated collections, we defined the trends as they significantly influence how a product resonates.


Abstract Blur: The fluid shape creates an ethereal or dreamy quality that challenges conventional boundaries and elicits feeling through ambiguity. Discover this trend in collections: Pulsation Gauged Porcelain and Zest.

This trend emphasizes elongated or smaller-scale rectangular shapes to give off that KitKat vibe. They can suggest a modern reinterpretation of traditional materials. Discover this trend in collections: Colorform and Innova Brick

Tactile: Delivering a heightened sensory experience by showcasing textures that can be rough, smooth, or ribbed to the touch. Discover this trend in collections: Embrace and Transverse.

Contemporary Encaustics: Intricate patterns are defined through abstract, organic, and geometric forms that are a modern interpretation of older techniques. Discover this trend in collections: Modern Patchwork and Solid & Void.

Exploration of Materiality: By deconstructing the raw materials, we can explore the inherent qualities, such as grain, weave, and composition, and find unique ways to combine them to produce original textures. Discover this trend in collections: Composite and TerraFusion.

Travertine: 3D digital printing technology is used to recreate natural stones like Travertine, even down to its pitting. The carving-like effect of 3D printing combined with glazes helps capture the natural stones’ essence. Discover this trend in Eternal Stone.