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Tile Talk

Celebrating Sustainability: The Mindful Materials Movement

Published: April 20, 2024
Author: Creative Materials
In the bustling world of commercial construction, where the clatter of progress never ceases, a quiet revolution is taking place. It’s a shift towards sustainability, transparency, and health-conscious choices championed by the mindful MATERIALS program. This initiative is not just changing the game; it’s rewriting the rules. Right at the heart of this transformation is[...]

Non-Resilient Flooring vs Resilient Flooring for Commercial Spaces

Published: January 22, 2024
Author: Creative Materials
When it comes to setting up a commercial space, the details matter. One of the most critical yet often overlooked details is the flooring choice. This decision can profoundly impact the area’s look, feel, and functionality. This blog will explore two categories of flooring options available for commercial environments: non-resilient and resilient. By understanding the[...]

Top 5 Tips to Minimize Lippage

Published: January 1, 2024
Author: KMcSween
Yes, I’m talking about the much dreaded “L – Word”.  Lippage.  A word rarely spoken of or given much thought. Until…issues arise.  A simple, innocuous comment during a final walkthrough, could land you in punch list purgatory – with no way out.  Want to avoid lippage?  Read on. I’m here to help.  I’ll share with[...]

The Ultimate Guide to Tile in Commercial Design

Published: November 20, 2023
Author: Creative Materials
The world of commercial design is a dynamic and ever-evolving field that thrives on creativity, innovation, and functionality. Among the myriad design elements, tile is a versatile and visually appealing choice strategically utilized to transform various commercial spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments. In this blog, we will explore how tile design plays a pivotal[...]

Seven* Frequently Asked Questions About Tile

Published: October 26, 2023
Author: Ken Ahn
As you may already know, I oversee all aspects of quality assurance and quality control for the tile division here at Creative Materials Corporation. My scope and responsibilities range from reviewing tile specifications in early schematic design to assisting with post jobsite issues and concerns at the contractor level. This means that the questions my[...]

Tile Specification Tips

Published: October 18, 2023
Author: Ken Ahn
A good tile specification in a commercial construction project lays the foundation and groundwork for a successful installation, providing detailed step-by-step instructions along the way. A comprehensive tile specification ensures the project meets design standards, quality expectations, and durability requirements. Additionally, a thorough specification guides and protects all parties from job site failures, construction delays,[...]

Is There Synergy Between Tile & Elements of Design?

Published: September 15, 2023
Author: Creative Materials
Welcome to a captivating exploration of the intricate relationship between tile and the fundamental elements of design. This blog explores the fascinating interplay of color, texture, shape, line, space, and value within tile and interior design. Often seen as mere building materials, tiles are artistic canvases architects and interior designers use to craft visually stunning[...]

Tile Maintenance Tips

Published: August 30, 2023
Author: Ken Ahn
You may recall from previous blogs that life-cycle costs are one of the leading factors in determining the overall value of any flooring surface. More specifically, direct costs associated with maintaining the specified floor finish. Maintenance requirements for different types of flooring vary based on factors such as material, finish, and usage. Think about it[...]

Spot Bonding: A Growing Problem

Published: August 22, 2023
Author: Ken Ahn
In my previous career as a tile contractor and quality control consultant, I’ve managed well over 1,500 projects in the DC/MD/VA area.  Spanning over a decade – working closely with labor, design, and building professionals, I’d like to think I’ve seen just about everything in this industry; the good and the bad. In the world[...]

Sustainability’s Growing Influence

Published: August 9, 2023
Author: Creative Materials
Sustainability has emerged as a key driving force in the built environment. As society becomes more aware of the pressing need to address climate change and create healthier spaces, architects, designers, and specifiers embrace sustainable practices and materials. This blog delves into the growing influence of sustainability in the built environment and how it shapes[...]
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