Canisius College Science Hall

Location: Buffalo, NY
Project Type: Higher Education
Product: Mosa Beige & Brown
Quantity: 28,000 Square Feet (SF)
Design Firm: CannonDesign
Project Area: Common Area Floors


Canisius College, a private Jesuit institution in upstate New York, implemented a new facilities master plan in 2012 that allocated 115MM over a ten-year period aimed at seventeen unique capital improvements projects. Since over thirty percent of incoming freshmen at Canisius are slated into their nationally ranked School of Arts and Science, the project dubbed “Science Hall” was intended to create a new space on campus that would foster increased collaboration between professors and students and encourage interdisciplinary interactions between computer science, mathematics, physics, and the whole of the Science school.

The Science Halls’ implementation and design represented a significant investment in the campus’ future. The Science Hall was to be the main hub of the school and would be located in the heart of the campus in a newly acquired building that was originally built in 1929 as a department store. CannonDesign was tasked by the facilities group with not just upgrading an old building, but with also providing greater physical connectivity between the Science Hall, on campus dormitories, and athletic facilities. They were further challenged by selecting products that would be available for the full cycle of the grant, meaning ten years of non-obsolescence, which is no small feat. And since ease of accessibility between Science Hall and the rest of campus was so important, the timeline and schedule were critical in minimizing construction time.


CannonDesign sought to create an innovative social and academic hub utilizing cutting-edge technology and a multitude of interactive experiences that would facilitate cross-disciplinary interaction. And CannonDesign wanted to achieve this without losing the original character of the building. The aesthetics of the finishes were critical in this design vision, especially the tile as it would cover over 8,000 square feet of the main corridor.

By working with Creative Materials to source the right product, CannonDesign was able to select from a variety of manufacturers offering the exact look they were going for. In this case, Mosa, a highly technical tile manufacturer known for its rich colors and superb quality, was selected. Mosa has been manufacturing tile in the Netherlands for over 130 years and their products are used in commercial spaces all over the globe. Mosa products are regularly chosen by A&D firms for their timeless color palette and minimalist design. Due to inherent longevity of the product designs, Mosa rarely discontinues products, so the tile provided a “safe” solution for CannonDesign.

Creative Materials was further able to work directly with the manufacturer to ensure on-time manufacturing and delivery. This allowed the project to stay on track, limiting the construction zone to the time scheduled, and maximizing the student experience on campus.


By relying on Creative Materials Corporation’s vast knowledge of manufacturers and their respective product strengths, Canisius College captured the exact aesthetic they needed for the new gem of the school: The Science Hall.

Key benefits included:

  • Targeted aesthetics
  • Strategic product procurement to avoid obsolescence
  • On time delivery and installation

 download the canisius college science hall case study

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