Fairfield University Recreation Center

Location: Fairfield, CT
Project Type: Higher Education
Product: Pavigres 21 Cristal & Cereja 4″x12″ Matte | Brush Stroke Beige 12″x24″, 6″x24″, Bullnose and Covebase
Mosa Scenes – Warm Ochre Grain 6″x6″ Matte, Warm Ochre Clay 6″x6″ Matte, Warm Ochre Sand 6″x6″ Matte, Warm Ochre Grit 6″x6″ Matte, Warm Ocre 3″x6″ Thin Cove Base Matte | Small Speckled Warm Ocre 3″x1″ Thin Internal Angle Matte | Small Speckled Warm Ocre 3″x1″ Thin External Angle Matte
Quantity: 10,000 SF
Design Firm: Newman Architects
Project Area: Recreation Center, Locker Rooms
Approximate Installation Date: June 2016

Challenge | Slippery When Wet

In early 2016, Creative Materials consulted with Newman Architects to select tile for the Fairfield University Recreation Center in Connecticut.  The designer selected Mosa Scenes for the locker rooms, shower areas, and areas surrounding the pool.  Creative Materials’ consultant suggested Mosa Scenes as an alternative to the standard 1″x1″ or 2″x2″ mosaics often seen in locker rooms.  Mosa also offers high product quality and above-average slip resistance, so the product was seen as a great fit, and specified.

Over a year after installation, in August of 2017, Creative Materials learned that there were a number of incidences where members of the student body and several faculty members reported slippery floors near the showers inside the newly renovated locker rooms.  Although a year had already passed, Creative Materials took a proactive approach in learning more about the conditions reported, so that a thoughtful resolution could be outlined.

Solution | Mobilized Testing 

In only a few short days, after learning of the challenges, Creative Materials enlisted the assistance of a nationally recognized leader in coefficient of friction (COF) testing and anti-slip consultation.  Timing was critical, as the potential for another slip incident was looming.  Creative Materials’ Quality Assurance and Technical (QA&T) team, along with the third-party consultant, mobilized onsite to perform a series of testing, utilizing the most current COF test methods available.  After careful review, a strategic plan was generated using the assistance of the BOT 3000 Tribometer.  Five distinct zones (areas where the slip/falls occurred) within the locker room were tested utilizing methods in compliance with ANSI A137.1 and ANSI B101.3 standards.  Each unique zone was tested to accurately measure the pre-cleaned conditions, then tested again post-cleaning.

Once all testing was completed, a comprehensive report was generated providing general background of the test methods used.  In addition, a summary of findings with professional recommendations, and detailed photos were provided.

Summary | Maintenance Regimen is Key

It was determined that the floor tiles utilized in this wet, high traffic area were more than appropriate, and with the proper cleaning regimen in place, would allow for a safe and secure environment.  Final tabulations showed that the median results averaged just above a 0.65 DCOF rating, well above industry standards of >0.42.  The consultant advised that current cleaning procedures be adjusted, in order to prevent any build-up of surface contaminants, which ultimately create an invisible film leading to slippery conditions.

The full report was presented to both the University and the Architect for their review.  A few days after receipt of this report, Creative Materials learned that the University’s Operation and Maintenance Manual had been updated reflecting the improved cleaning procedures that were suggested.  Creative Materials is glad to have found a safe solution for students and faculty and to have assisted the architect and installer post-installation.

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