Galleria at Crystal Run

Location: Middletown, NY
Project Type: Retail Center
Area Supplied: Retail center floors, walls & common areas
Product: Porcelain Tile, Custom Porcelain Mosaics, and Trim
Quantity: 190,000 SF Field Tile, 527 SF Mosaic, 175 Stair Treads
Architect: Pyramid Management Group

With over 54% of consumers buying products online at least once a month according to the PWC Global Total Retail 2016 Report, the pressure on retail centers to create unique guest experiences in order to drive foot traffic continues to grow each year. Gone are the days where a collection of shops and a food court will attract today’s modern consumer. Instead retail centers now need to create comprehensive guest experiences that transcend shopping and become holistic lifestyle destinations complete with upscale dining establishments and one-of-a-kind entertainment venues.

Facing the increasing competition from e-commerce, Pyramid Management Group decided it was time to renovate their existing portfolio of retail centers. Given the scope, complexity and compressed timeline involved in renovating an operating retail center, Pyramid turned to Creative Materials to help them select and manage the supply of all porcelain tile for the common areas of various locations within their portfolio. The primary challenge posed to Creative Materials was limiting the amount of time the retail center was under construction in order to minimize the impact on traditional store hours resulting from the renovation.

Having worked with Pyramid revitalizing three retail centers over three years, in 2015, Creative Materials was again requested to supply over 190,000 SF of porcelain tile for renovation of the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown, NY. Creative Materials sourced 12″x24″ unglazed porcelain tile in two colors and two finishes (matte & polished) that would brighten the appearance of the Galleria at Crystal Run. The time frame given for selection, approval, order and delivery was less than one month; a tight turnaround for any project, much less a project with the quantity required for a mall remodel. The client also required custom 2″x3″ mosaics and 12″x24″ stair treads, which required production from available field tile. Relying on our strategic sourcing capabilities with North America’s large selection of products, we located an optimal manufacturing source able to provide the desired product aesthetic as well as meet the aggressive supply lead time.

Given the large adjoining spaces of the mall, it was vital to provide material limited to one shade and caliber per color – in addition to the desired sizes and finishes. As with any finish material, when tile is produced there can be shade variations, especially in the large quantities required for retail center spaces. Thanks to Creative Materials’ commercial project focus and proactive project management approach, we worked with the selected manufacturer supplying a sufficient quantity of material to fulfill the requirements of the project. Selecting the appropriate strategic manufacturing partner allowed us to deliver 190,000+ SF of tile within one week after submittal samples were approved and material was ordered. Our strategic vendor selection and proactive project management helped ensure a successful installation – on schedule and on budget. The end result is a brightened and refreshed appearance, inspiring a comfortable atmosphere and an improved shopping experience at the Galleria at Crystal Run.

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