Client: KFC | www.kfc.com
Location: Nationwide
Project Type: Restaurant
Area Supplied: Full tile package; dining room floors and walls, restroom floors and walls, kitchen floors
Product: Custom floor tile: Sanders Gold 6″x36″, Sanders Grey 12″x12″; Walls: White Matte 4″x8″, Grey Matte 4″x10″; Grout, Mortar, Primer, Floor Self-Leveler, Concrete Patching Material; Full flooring system warranty

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky has been a well-known restaurant brand for more than 70 years. The cook that started it all with his secret recipe, Colonel Harland Sanders, is a well-known icon around the world. Currently, there are more than 20,000 KFC outlets in 125 countries and territories around the world.

Challenge | Overhaul Brand, Keep Costs Down

With the expanding popularity of other chicken concepts creating an increasingly competitive market, iconic brand KFC realized it needed to change with the times and attract a new generation of customers. And change needed to come quickly. The brand determined it would embark on the massive undertaking of re-imaging the brand and modernizing the look of its 4,500+ existing locations in less than three years. The brand also needed to be mindful of providing a cost-effective solution for its franchisees.

Solution | Custom Tile, Optimize Distribution, Proactively Manage Inventory, Consolidate Deliveries, Warranty Flooring

Creative Materials utilized vast manufacturing relationships to identify US manufacturing partners for the entire KFC tile package, eliminating the need for ocean freight of materials from overseas (which proved to be an issue in prototype remodel test stores). Creative Materials then worked directly with the brand’s interior design and construction team to create custom floor tiles that would fit the design concept. Optimized distribution, proactive inventory management, and consolidated deliveries of all tiles and setting materials would provide franchisees with industry best lead times to reduce store closure timelines.

Creative Materials also suggested implementing a flooring system warranty as part of the tile supply program. If all tile and setting materials were to be purchased directly from Creative Materials, then Creative Materials could guarantee that the correct setting materials were used on-site (through single-point of contact ordering) and could provide administration for the warranty in the unlikely event of flooring failure.

Result | Partner for Success

Creative Materials delivered a 28% cost savings over the originally specified prototype. Additionally, by working hand in hand with the brand to create tile specifically for KFC, Creative Materials addressed some dissatisfactions that arose in the prototype test stores. The Creative Materials team:

  • Changed the size and appearance of the initial product to provide a more realist wood look.
  • Worked with the brand to identify that perfect balance between slip resistance (crucial for the demanding world of fried chicken!) and cleanability. This ensured the safety of employees and guests while providing a surface that was still easy to keep clean.

KFC’s highly aggressive remodel schedule demanded a partner with the proven ability to guarantee all materials would be available for each project. Creative Materials’ unmatched corporate account stocking program assured that construction delays due to stock-outs were eliminated. Additionally, optimized warehousing locations assured that all materials delivered to each jobsite within 2-3 business days — an industry best.

KFC chose to warranty their tile supply program, and thus far there have been no flooring failures. However, if KFC runs into any issues moving forward, they know exactly who to contact to get the issue resolved. Creative Materials is on standby!




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