Via 57 West

Via 57 West Case Study - Custom White Herringbone Tile Bathroom Installation

Location: New York, NY
Project Type: Multi-Family
Product: Porcelain Tile, Custom Mesh-Mounted Herringbone Porcelain Tile
Quantity: 80,000 SF

The architect and design teams working on Via 57 West challenged us to source a product that would meet not only the specific aesthetic criteria but also the performance and budget criteria.

Finding the exact shade of white in tandem with a durable enough body to withstand the life of the building was a nearly elusive goal. Achieving that combination within budget added another layer of complexity to our mission.

Once the right tile was identified, we worked with one of our manufacturing partners to develop a custom herringbone pattern on a mesh-mounted sheet. Particular attention was paid to the size of the sheets in order to achieve the right balance between speed and precision of installation while considering production efficiencies.

After the product was finalized, we then worked with the architect to make sure the tile was specified correctly with proper installation materials and methods to ensure a successful outcome.

Customer Service
The lead-time was carefully managed by our Client Services department in accordance with the project construction schedule to ensure on time delivery. Delivery of the seven containers of tile was staggered to match the installation schedule due to space limitations. Material was inspected upon delivery to ensure compliance with control samples.

The installation was completed on time and to the great satisfaction of all parties.

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