Ruth Bader Ginsberg Hospital

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Project Type: Health & Wellness
Areas Supplied: Corridors, Patient Restrooms
Products: Bedrock, Starlit, Slide
Quantity Supplied: 72,000/SF
Design Firm: NBBJ

NYC Health + Hospitals/South Brooklyn Health represents the transformation of the former Coney Island Hospital into a modern healthcare campus tailored to meet the needs of South Brooklyn and its adjacent communities. This updated facility, highlighted by the new 11-story Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospital, provides premier emergency care, contemporary maternity services, and the latest in surgical technology.

CHALLENGE | Technical and Aesthetic Requirements

The primary challenge encountered in this project was the requirement for a flooring solution that not only aligned with the architectural vision but also satisfied a set of precise technical specifications. NBBJ was in pursuit of a material that could embody a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional superiority. The search was for a true unglazed through-body tile that needed to exhibit exceptional stability regarding flatness. High slip resistance was another non-negotiable attribute, yet the project demanded that this feature be achieved without the usual texturing found in many slip-resistant tiles. Lastly, the project’s design vision included a specific modular pattern.

SOLUTION | Product Experts and Custom Fabrication

Creative Materials product experts set to work in the selection process culminating in an unglazed through-body tile that excelled in flatness and stability, boasted high slip resistance without conventional texturing, and accommodated the desired modular pattern. A significant aspect of this solution was the ability to fabricate these tiles in special sizes tailored to the project’s requirements, enhancing both the efficiency of installation and the overall design coherence. The resolution of the demands for a flooring solution by NBBJ was achieved and paved the way for substantial cost savings on the project. In addition, the project’s commitment to sustainability was exemplified by its contribution towards achieving LEED Silver certification, a testament to its environmentally responsible design and construction.



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