University of Virginia (UVA) Health System

Location: Charlottesville, VA
Project Type: Healthcare
Area Supplied: Patient and public restrooms
Product:Ā LavaĀ Custom Pattern 12ā€³x24ā€³ | White, Light Grey, Dark Grey; 2ā€³x2ā€³ Mosaics | White, Dark Grey; 6ā€³x12ā€³ Cove Base | Dark Grey, White
Quantity: 50,000SF
Design Firm: Perkins + Will, Washington, DC
General Contractor: Skanska
Tile Installer: McDaniels Contractor Services, LLC, Earlysville, VA
Certifications: Seeking LEED Silver Certification

With the number of patients visiting the emergency department at UVA steadily increasing, UVA decided to undertake a significant expansion to increase the capabilities of the Level I traumaĀ center and expand inpatient care at the University Hospital campus. The project began in 2015Ā and is anticipated to be completed in 2021.

Creative Materials was excited to be brought in during the design phase of this significantĀ hospital expansion. Perkins + Willā€™s design called for a modern looking tile with subtle movementĀ for the patient and public restrooms. A compatible cove base would also be critical due to theĀ healthcare environment, and the design team was looking for a coordinating mosaic. A budget-friendlyĀ solution was a must.


Lava, a tile collection inspired by the natural beauty of volcanic stone, was proposed to theĀ Perkins + Will design team as it would meet all of the desired criteria including budget price. TheĀ design team was drawn to the tileā€™s movement and simple, modern look. However, since theĀ 12ā€¯x24ā€¯ tiles were being installed horizontally, Perkins +Will did not want the vertical grainingĀ pattern that was mixed in on some of the faces of the tile.


By leveraging a strong relationship with the domestic manufacturer that produces Lava, CreativeĀ Materials determined that custom production of the tile would be a viable option and that the pricing could be upheld. A custom run eliminated those undesirable faces and madeĀ LavaĀ aĀ perfect fit for the designers. Oversight of the master control samples and final production wasĀ managed by Creative Materialsā€™ Quality Assurance & Technical (QA&T) team.


The custom LavaĀ tile was delivered in the Summer of 2018 and the Perkins + Will design team and UVA wereĀ both happy with the price point and the look. We hope patients and staff will enjoy the look of this tile for manyĀ years to come.

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