Creative Curations By Erin

At the intersection of vision and design, Erin DeMuth curates the extraordinary. As the visionary behind Creative Materials’ exclusive Creative Curations by Erin product line, Erin blends unparalleled collections with elevated design and artistic flair, creating unique spaces that speak volumes. Renowned for her trendsetting Erin’s Picks blog, Erin’s keen eye for emerging trends and deep understanding of surface materials set her apart in the world of interior design.

Joining Creative Materials in 2016 as a Sourcing Specialist, Erin’s journey has seen her evolve into a Senior Design Services Consultant, leveraging over 15 years of in-depth experience across the spectrum of interior design and finish materials. Her diverse portfolio spans high-end residential projects to commercial and hospitality spaces, showcasing her extensive knowledge and unique product-focused solutions.

A blogger, interior designer, and self-confessed product geek, Erin’s passion for design transcends the ordinary, making her a trusted figure in crafting visions into reality. Dive into her world of design inspiration and innovation here.

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This digital lookbook presents a stunning array of exquisite surfaces, from elegant marbles to cutting-edge ceramics and porcelains. Every page aims to inspire and showcase the potential of design, demonstrating how these selected materials can elevate any area into a realm of sophistication and flair. Tailored for designers, architects, and individuals who appreciate distinctive, high-end interiors, this lookbook is a valuable guide for envisioning and creating unique spaces.

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