“Chamotte collection comes about from the desire to design an element with great tactile consistency, that highlights the brutal and natural beauty of ceramics. We have worked on volumes, creating a surface full of layers and contrasts, both to the eye and to the touch.” ~Patricia Urquiola

Chamotte features three variants: Mono, a plain-colored element, Linea, with continuous traits in relief that run through the entire surface, and Quadra, where the traits are momentarily interrupted creating a cusp.

Creative Features: 

  • One Sizes | 3″x9″
  • One Finish | Glossy
  • Ceramic
  • Made in Italy

“The collection takes its name from the raw material made of crushed ceramic fragments, embedded in raw clay to strengthen ceramic mixtures. With Chamotte, I wanted to deepen into the brutal and natural beauty of this material, made of tactile and chromatic vibrations, and irregular brushstrokes. I really like that the texture of the elements changes constantly, revealing a new aspect every time. It has an incredible expressive power.” ~Patricia Urquiola



Chamotte Color Palette

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