Erin’s Picks February 2018 | National Tile Day


Happy National Tile Day!


[su_heading align=’left’]LANDMARK CERAMICS[/su_heading]Landmark Ceramics Showroom

In celebration of National Tile Day, I’ll be featuring a tile collection from one of our domesticĀ manufacturers, Landmark Ceramics. I had the privilege of touring Landmark’s factory and showroom in Mount Pleasant, TN this week. It was very interesting seeing the manufacturing process; how bins containing feldspar and sand are mixed together and transformed into the beautiful products we work with today.

Walls: Landmark Trek. Floor: Landmark Emotion


Landmark has a beautiful showroom full of design inspiration. There are vignettes of collections throughout the space that illustrate how the collections work together, but fear not, each of these collections work well on their own too.

The collection on the walls: Landmark Trek;Ā The collection on the floor: Landmark Emotion

[su_heading align=’left’]VISION[/su_heading]

Ā Landmark Ceramics Landmark Trek Tile

Landmark Vision Tile Installation


Inspired by the contemporary nature of resin, its surface has a soft and light structure in a range of neutral colors.

When you think of a poured resin floor, it tends to be very smooth; this resin tile places emphasis on a slightly rougher finish, they didn’t smooth out the trowel marks, they kept them to give a sculptural quality to the tile. As you look across the field of tile, it creates subtle movement as the light reflects off the troweled surface.

Another great feature of all Landmark collections is their coordinating cove base. It’s unusual to find a manufacturer that has cove base for all of their collections. Landmark even has a cove base for their wood looks, that’s unicorn rare.

Vision - Pearl Tile Installation in Creative Materials New Boston Office
Creative Materials New Boston Office


Vision’s color palette has a great range of grays, it starts with Dove, which has a cream with gray undertones, then it jumps to Pearl (probably one of my all-time favorite colors), then there’s Concrete and finally, its darkest color, Dark. For those of you who are tired of grays, there is a soft Taupe and a chocolaty brown, Moka. Vision is a great minimalist aesthetic, it can work in a variety of applications; lobbies, kitchens, bathrooms. I used Pearl in our new Boston office kitchen.

Landmark Vision Floor and Wall Tile



  • Aesthetic: Resin
  • Size: 12’x24′, 24’x24′
  • Location:Ā Domestic
  • Application: Floor and Wall