Ageless is a retro-modern expression through contemporary colors and patterns. Drawing inspiration from the Soho district a complete collection paying homage to a sense of timelessness, while pushing the boundaries for a distinctive design.

Creative Features 

  • Nine Sizes | 3″x6″ up to 8″x24″
  • Two Finishes | Matte + Glossy
  • Unique Mosaics
  • Body Types | Ceramic, Glazed Porcelain, Unglazed Porcelain
  • Domestic Inventory
  • Made in Turkey

With classic shapes and sizes, this collection is easily recognized as being a go-to for all project solutions.


Ageless Color Palette

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Decor Palette

2"x2" Hexagon Mosaic on 10.9"x12.5"x6mm Sheet | Matte • Black, Grey 03, Grey 02, Grey 01 | Available in Glazed Porcelain & Unglazed Porcelain

1"x1" Hexagon Mosaic on 11.5"x11.65"x6mm Sheet | Matte