Fused Glass

Fused Glass is manufactured using 100% recycled glass and are extremely durable. Available in a wide variety of brilliant colors and finishes, this collection offers limitless design options.

Creative Features:

  • Seven Mosaic Sizes | 1″x1″ up to 1″x4″
  • More than 100 Color Options
  • Glass
  • Made in the USA 

The collection is well suited for both interior and exterior wall tile applications, as well as many floor tile applications without risk of deterioration or fading. 

SI=Sand Iridescent
OI=Opaque Iridescent
OM=Opaque Metallic


FusedGlass_100.C Crystal Clear

100.C Crystal Clear


100.F Crystal Frosted


100.IR Crystal Iridescent

FusedGlass_100.M Crystal Metallic

100.M Crystal Metallic

FusedGlass_100.S Crystal Sand

100.S Crystal Sand


100.SI Crystal Sand Iridescent

FusedGlass_101.O Cool White Opaque

101.O Cool White Opaque

FusedGlass_102.O White Opaque

102.O White Opaque

FusedGlass_102.OI White Opaque Iridescent

102.OI White Opaque Iridescent

FusedGlass_103.C Champagne Clear

103.C Champagne Clear

FusedGlass_103.F Champagne Frosted

103.F Champagne Frosted

FusedGlass_103.IR Champagne Iridescent

103.IR Champagne Iridescent

FusedGlass_103.M Champagne Metallic

103.M Champagne Metallic

FusedGlass_104.C Wheat Clear

104.C Wheat Clear

Fused Glass_104.F Wheat Frosted

104.F Wheat Frosted

Fused Glass_104.IR Wheat Iridescent

104.IR Wheat Iridescent

Fused Glass_104.M Wheat Metallic

104.M Wheat Metallic

105.C Amber Clear

105.SI Amber Sand Iridescent

106.C Smoke Clear

106.SI Smoke Sand Iridescent

106.S Smoke Sand

106.SV Smoke Silver

200.C Rose Clear

200.IR Rose Iridescent

200.M Rose Metallic

201.C Dark Rose Clear

201.F Dark Rose Frosted

201.IR Dark Rose Iridescent

201.M Dark Rose Metallic

202.C Burgundy Clear

202.M Burgundy Metallic

203.O Dark Purple Opaque

203.OI Dark Purple Opaque Iridescent

FusedGlass_203.OM Dark Purple Opaque Metallic

203.OM Dark Purple Opaque Metallic

300.C Grey Brown Clear

300.F Grey Brown Frosted

300.IR Grey Brown Iridescent

300.M Grey Brown Metallic

300.S Grey Brown Sand

300.SI Grey Brown Sand Iridescent

301.C Umber Clear

301.IR Umber Iridescent

301.M Umber Metallic

302.C Red Brown Clear

302.IR Red Brown Iridescent

302.M Red Brown Metallic

400.C Lime Green Clear

400.IR Lime Green Iridescent

400.M Lime Green Metallic

401.C Light Green Clear

401.IR Light Green Iridescent

401.M Light Green Metallic

402.C Mint Green Clear

402.IR Mint Green Iridescent

402.M Mint Green Metallic

403.C Emerald Clear

403.IR Emerald Iridescent

403.M Emerald Metallic

404.C Dark Green Clear

404.IR Dark Green Iridescent

404.M Dark Green Metallic

405.C Evergreen Clear

405.IR Evergreen Iridescent

405.M Evergreen Metallic

406.C Sage Clear

406.M Sage Metallic

407.C Seafoam Green Clear

407.F Seafoam Green Frosted

407.IR Seafoam Green Iridescent

407.M Seafoam Green Metallic

407.S Seafoam Green Sand

407.SI Seafoam Green Sand Iridescent

408.C Green Grey Clear

408.F Green Grey Frosted

408.IR Green Grey Iridescent

408.M Green Grey Metallic

409.C Green Blue Clear

409.IR Green Blue Iridescent

409.M Green Blue Metallic

410.C Olive Green Clear

410.IR Olive Green Iridescent

410.M Olive Green Metallic

500.C Aquamarine Clear

500.F Aquamarine Frosted

500.IR Aquamarine Iridescent

500.M Aquamarine Metallic

500.S Aquamarine Sand

500.SI Aquamarine Sand Iridescent

501.C Turquoise Clear

501.IR Turquoise Iridescent

501.M Turquoise Metallic

502.C Sky Blue Clear

502.IR Sky Blue Iridescent

502.M Sky Blue Metallic

503.C Light Blue Clear

503.IR Light Blue Iridescent

503.M Light Blue Metallic

504.C Blue Clear

504.IR Blue Iridescent

504.M Blue Metallic

505.C Cobalt Clear

505.IR Cobalt Iridescent

505.M Cobalt Metallic

506.C Dark Blue Clear

506.IR Dark Blue Iridescent

506.M Dark Blue Metallic

507.C Blue Grey Clear

507.F Blue Grey Frosted

507.IR Blue Grey Iridescent

507.M Blue Grey Metallic

507.S Blue Grey Sand

507.SI Blue Grey Sand Iridescent

508.C Blue Green Clear

508.IR Blue Green Iridescent

508.M Blue Green Metallic

509.C Teal Clear

509.IR Teal Iridescent

509.M Teal Metallic


  • 1x1 mosaic
    1"x1" Mosaic

  • 1"x2 Stacked Mosaic

  • 1"x2 Brick Mosaic

  • 1"x2" Herringbone Mosaic

  • Hexagon Mosaic

  • 1"x4" Stacked Mosaic

  • 1"x4" Brick Mosaic


Body Glass
Country of Origin USA
Budget Price Per square foot. For budgeting purposes only. Applies to field tile (not mosaics, trim, decor). Overall collection average used - some items slightly less or slightly more than range. $20-$30
Lead Time Estimated based upon averages. Lead times on each order depend upon availability at time of order. West coast of US should add +1 week if product is import. Contact us for QTYs >5,000SF. 1-2 Weeks
Stock Availability Domestic/Factory Stock
Thickness 6mm
Look Glass

Environmental Impact

Recycled Content 100%
Recycled Content Type Pre-Consumer,Post-Consumer

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ASTM C373 Impervious
Breaking Strength ASTM C648 Passed
Resistance to Chemicals ASTM C650-04 No effects Class A