Infinity wall tile mimics a handmade terracotta tile with subtle nuances like tonal variations to the glaze, an almost rustic quality to the edge, and an extensive color palette ranging from neutrals to bold tones.


Infinity White Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Sage Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Graphite Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Emerald Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Red Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Brown Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Burgundy Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Blue Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Beige Terracotta-Look Wall Tile


Infinity Golden Rod Terracotta-Look Wall Tile

Golden Rod

Infinity Grey Terracotta-Look Wall Tile



Infinity Brown Decor 1

Brown Decor 1

Infinity Brown Decor 2

Brown Decor 2

Infinity Brown Decor 3

Brown Decor 3

Infinity Brown Decor 4

Brown Decor 4

Infinity Brown Decor 5

Brown Decor 5

Infinity Brown Decor 6

Brown Decor 6

Infinity Brown Decor 7

Brown Decor 7

Infinity Brown Decor 8

Brown Decor 8

Infinity Brown Decor 9

Brown Decor 9

Infinity Brown Decor 10

Brown Decor 10

Infinity Brown Decor 11

Brown Decor 11

Infinity Brown Decor 12

Brown Decor 12

Infinity Brown Decor 13

Brown Decor 13

Infinity Brown Decor 14

Brown Decor 14

Infinity Brown Decor 15

Brown Decor 15

Infinity Brown Decor 16

Brown Decor 16

Infinity Chevron Beige

Chevron Beige

Infinity Chevron White

Chevron White

Infinity Clover Beige

Clover Beige

Infinity Clover White

Clover White

Infinity Flourish Beige

Flourish Beige

Infinity Flourish White

Flourish White

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 1

Golden Rod Decor 1

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 2

Golden Rod Decor 2

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 3

Golden Rod Decor 3

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 4

Golden Rod Decor 4

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 5

Golden Rod Decor 5

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 6

Golden Rod Decor 6

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 7

Golden Rod Decor 7

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 8

Golden Rod Decor 8

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 9

Golden Rod Decor 9

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 10

Golden Rod Decor 10

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 11

Golden Rod Decor 11

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 12

Golden Rod Decor 12

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 13

Golden Rod Decor 13

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 14

Golden Rod Decor 14

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 15

Golden Rod Decor 15

Infinity Golden Rod Decor 16

Golden Rod Decor 16

Infinity Graphite Decor 1

Graphite Decor 1

Infinity Graphite Decor 5

Graphite Decor 5

Infinity Graphite Decor 6

Graphite Decor 6

Infinity Graphite Decor 7

Graphite Decor 7

Infinity Graphite Decor 8

Graphite Decor 8

Infinity Graphite Decor 9

Graphite Decor 9

Infinity Graphite Decor 10

Graphite Decor 10

Infinity Graphite Decor 11

Graphite Decor 11

Infinity Graphite Decor 12

Graphite Decor 12

Infinity Graphite Decor 13

Graphite Decor 13

Infinity Graphite Decor 14

Graphite Decor 14

Infinity Graphite Decor 15

Graphite Decor 15

Infinity Octagons Beige

Octagons Beige

Infinity Octagons White

Octogons White

Infinity Path Beige

Path Beige

Infinity Path White

Path White

Infinity Petal Beige

Petal Beige

Infinity Petal White

Petal White

Infinity Red Decor 1

Red Decor 1

Infinity Red Decor 2

Red Decor 2

Infinity Red Decor 3

Red Decor 3

Infinity Red Decor 4

Red Decor 4

Infinity Red Decor 5

Red Decor 5

Infinity Red Decor 6

Red Decor 6

Infinity Red Decor 7

Red Decor 7

Infinity Red Decor 8

Red Decor 8

Infinity Red Decor 9

Red Decor 9

Infinity Red Decor 10

Red Decor 10

Infinity Red Decor 11

Red Decor 11

Infinity Red Decor 12

Red Decor 12

Infinity Red Decor 13

Red Decor 13

Infinity Red Decor 15

Red Decor 14

Infinity Red Decor 16

Red Decor 15

Infinity Shaded Square Beige

Shaded Square Beige

Infinity Shaded Square White

Shaded Square White

Infinity Starburst Beige

Starburst Beige

Infinity Starburst White

Starburst White

Infinity Basket White

Basket White

Infinity Basket Beige

Basket Beige

Infinity Adorn Beige

Adorn Beige

Infinity Adorn White

Adorn White

Infinity Angles Beige

Angles Beige

Infinity Angles White

Angles White

Infinity Arabesque Beige

Arabesque Beige

Infinity Arabesque White

Arabesque White

Decor sold in cartons of 32 pieces; mixed. Please download the Infinity Cutsheet for complete details.


  • 4x8


Body Ceramic
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price Porcelain/Ceramic: $ = <$3, $$ = $3-6, $$$ = $6-10, $$$$ = $10+ Glass: $ = $1-10, $$ = $11-20, $$$ = $20-30, $$$$ = $30+. For budgeting purposes. Applies to field tile (not mosaics, trim, decor). Overall average used - some items slightly less or slightly more than range. $$
Lead Time Estimated based upon averages. Lead times on each order depend upon availability at time of order. West coast of US should add +1 week if product is import. Contact us for QTYs >5,000SF. 6-8 Weeks
Stock Availability Indicates domestic or import product and where stock is held. Some import products have US stock available as indicated. Import/Factory Stock
Thickness 7mm
Rectified No
Look Patterns (Geometric), Wall Tiles (Handmade), Wall Tiles (Subway)
Finish Natural

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ASTM C373 16%
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 ≥22N/mm2
Abrasion Resistance not available
Scratch Hardness MOHS not available
DCOF ≤0.42