Wonderwall Gauged Porcelain

Artistic wall decoration meets the ultra-thin porcelain tile in Wonderwall. Countless ideas and design suggestions to transform the spaces in which we live in an exciting way. Twelve wonderful decorations with deep textures and elegant design, printed in high definition. Large slabs measuring 39″x118″, thin and light like wallpaper, but strong and resistant to humidity, perfect for interior design projects which dare to give architectural spaces a unique and prestigious feel.


Wonderwall Ballet A

Ballet A

Wonderwall Ballet B

Ballet B

Wonderwall Ballet C

Ballet C

Wonderwall Leaves Blue

Leaves Blue

Wonderwall Leaves Red

Leaves Red

Wonderwall Lotus A

Lotus A

Wonderwall Lotus B

Lotus B

Wonderwall Lotus C

Lotus C

Wonderwall Neoclassic A

Neoclassic A

Wonderwall Neoclassic B

Neoclassic B

Patchwork A

Wonderwall Patchwork B

Patchwork B

Wonderwall RITMI 01


Waterwall RITMI-01


Waterwall RITMI-03




Waterwall RITMI-06


Wonderwall Rose Garden Cream

Rose Garden Cream

Wonderwall Script A

Script A

Wonderwall Script

Script B

Wonderwall Freestyle


Wonderwall Sketch A

Sketch A

Wonderwall Sketch B

Sketch B

Wonderwall Sketch B1

Sketch B1

Wonderwall Sketch B2

Sketch B2

Venice A

Wonderwall Venice B

Venice B

Wonderwall Venice C

Venice C

Waterwall Matrix



  • 39x118


BodyUnglazed Porcelain
Country of OriginItaly
Budget Price Per square foot. For budgeting purposes only. Applies to field tile (not mosaics, trim, decor). Overall collection average used - some items slightly less or slightly more than range. $10+
Lead Time Estimated based upon averages. Lead times on each order depend upon availability at time of order. West coast of US should add +1 week if product is import. Contact us for QTYs >5,000SF. 10-12 Weeks
Stock Availability Indicates domestic or import product and where stock is held. Some import products have US stock available as indicated. Import/Made to Order
LookPatterned, Patterns (Graphic), Wall Tile, Wall Tiles (Other)

Technical Specifications

Test NameTest MethodTest Result
Water AbsorptionASTM C373≤.1%
Abrasion ResistanceASTM C1243175mm3
Breaking StrengthASTM C15056000 PSI