Location: Nationwide
Project Type: Restaurant
Areas Supplied: Retail Floors & Walls, Kitchen Floors & Walls, Back-of-House Floors
Products: Globetrotting, Ageless, Omni, Quarry Tile

Domino’s Pizza, founded in 1960, started as a small pizza delivery business called DomiNick’s. The franchise rapidly expanded, pioneering the concept of pizza delivery and becoming one of the largest pizza chains in the world with over  4,000 locations. This recognized brand is known for its commitment to fast delivery and consistent quality.

CHALLENGE | Tile Stock Outs, Long Lead Times
Domino’s had gone through various iterations of tile supply but consistently relied on utilizing multiple suppliers to ensure availability. Unfortunately for this multi-location brand, that strategy didn’t always work. Before partnering with Creative Materials, the brand offered franchisees two options; a long-time regional distributor shipping tile out of a single location near Domino’s headquarters; the other a manufacturer that could not offer centralized processing for orders or shipments, instead relying on a network of Sales Service Centers for order and supply. Their nationwide partner didn’t have a complete program – meaning they weren’t able to reserve materials specifically for
Domino’s. Anyone who needed tile had access to Domino’s inventory, resulting in Domino’s facing availability issues related to quarry tile. If tile was available, lead times were longer than desirable.

SOLUTION | Dedicated Inventory, Strategic Stocking
For a company as large as Domino’s with a solid brand identity, changing product vendors is multifaceted. Naturally hesitant and speculative, fearing the cure could be worse than the disease, Creative Material’s expert transitioning soon proved worthwhile. Providing Domino’s complete transparency throughout the transition, reassured the client that Creative fully understood program requirements. Creative’s tile supply program solved their availability issues by providing true program and product management – proactively stocking materials specifically for Domino’s based on their needs. Additionally Creative provided built-in manufacturer redundancies, eliminated energy surcharges, and due to our strategic stocking process reduced lead times from 2+ weeks to 2-3 business days.



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