Why Do I Need A Surface Material Supply Program?

For brands that operate across a multi-unit real estate portfolio, the key to growing and maintaining brand value is delivering a consistently excellent customer experience at each location.  A brand’s success in creating this consistently excellent experience can be directly linked to the effective design of its supply chain.  For a restaurant brand, it’s the consistent supply of quality ingredients which ensures that menu items taste the same whether served at a free-standing drive-thru or an airport food court.  For a clothing retailer, it’s the consistent manufacturing of its garments which ensures customers receive the quality merchandise in stores from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida.  For an automotive brand, it’s ensuring the consistent manufacturing and assembly of each vehicle which results in a reliable driving experience for each loyal motorist.

                                Restaurant Supply Chain Consistency                     Clothing Supply Chain Consistency                     Auto Supply Chain Consistency

From hospitality environments to health and wellness, to convenience stores, the consistency of the customer experience applies not just to the brand’s products and services, but also to the atmosphere of the built environment.  However, unlike the manufacturing of a product where the suppliers in the supply chain remain constant, the construction industry creates unique challenges to the development of a consistent supply chain of materials and labor.  The difficulty derives from the fact that each building or space is different.  Local real estate, permitting and code issues vary by geography.  Each project is typically completed by a different team of consultants, contractors, and suppliers.  Given the number of conditions that can vary on each construction project, it is all the more important that brands attempt to control those elements in the construction process that can be standardized.  Building materials can often be one of those elements.

An effective surface material supply chain program will contain the following key elements:

  • Cost optimization
  • Price certainty
  • Lead-time consistency
  • Material availability redundancy
  • Dedicated program management personnel

Creative Materials specializes in the development and implementation of purpose-built supply programs for resilient flooring, porcelain, ceramic and glass tile, setting materials, and related accessories.  Our programs are customized to the needs of our clients.  We don’t believe in one size fits all.  We understand that each brand has unique needs and requires individualized solutions.

Not all programs are created equally.  Learn about the other types of surface material supply “programs” offered in the market and how our program differs.

What are my surface material supply program options?