Inside is robust in textures that are altered textiles referenced from military style. From glass-like appearances that are highly reflective to a texture reminiscent of worn denim, the collection is avant-garde.

Creative Features:

  • One Size | 4″x12″
  • Three Finishes | Glossy, Matte, Textured
  • Ceramic
  • Made in Italy

Inside was featured in Erin’s Picks.

Contrasting surfaces for distinction in a free-spirited design that is uncompromising.


Inside Color Palette

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White Glossy View Grout Selector
White Pinpoint Matte View Grout Selector
White Textured View Grout Selector
Grey Glossy View Grout Selector
Grey Pinpoint Matte View Grout Selector
Grey Textured View Grout Selector
Green Glossy View Grout Selector
Green Pinpoint Matte View Grout Selector
Green Textured View Grout Selector
Blue Glossy View Grout Selector
Blue Pinpoint Matte View Grout Selector
Blue Textured View Grout Selector
Black Glossy View Grout Selector
Black Pinpoint Matte View Grout Selector
Black Textured View Grout Selector
Body Ceramic
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price
Per square foot. For budgeting purposes only. Applies to field tile (not mosaics, trim, décor). Overall collection average used - some items slightly less or slightly more than range.
Lead Time
Estimated based upon averages. Lead times on each order depend upon availability at time of order. West coast of US should add +1 week if product is import. Contact us for QTYs >5,000SF.
8-10 Weeks
Stock Availability Import/Factory Stock
Shade Variation V2
Application Wall Tile
Look Colors, Wall Tile, Wall Tiles (3D & Textured), Wall Tiles (Subway)
Thickness 7mm
Finish GlossyMatteTextured
Notes Refer to Cutsheet in Download Tab for Size + Finish + Thickness Specifics