The Inside wall tile collection is full of varying textures. “Gloss” has a glass-like appearance and is highly reflective. “Textured” has an undulating surface. “Pinpoint’s” texture is reminiscent of worn denim, with areas of pronounced texture and areas where the texture has softened.


Black Gloss

Black Pinpoint

Black Textured

Blue Gloss

Blue Pinpoint

Blue Textured

Green Gloss

Green Pinpoint

Green Textured

Grey Gloss

Grey Pinpoint

Grey Textured

White Gloss

White Pinpoint

White Textured


  • 4"x12"


Body Glazed Ceramic
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price $$
Lead Time 4-6 Weeks
Stock Availability Import/Factory Stock
Thickness 9mm
Finish Glossy, Textured

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result
Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤16%
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 ≥22N/mm2
Abrasion Resistance not available
Scratch Hardness MOHS not available
DCOF ≤0.42