Wavelength is a constant evolution of design with modern influence. Sculptural minimalism in muted tones. With limitless pattern abilities, whether to maintain a consistent flow or challenge the direction of where lines meet.

Creative Features:

  • One Size | 12″x24″
  • One Finish | Matte
  • Sculptural 3D
  • Porcelain
  • Made in Italy

Wavelength was featured in Erin’s Picks. 

The minimalism quality of this collection allows it to work in a multitude of spaces and highlight the beautiful undulating waves. 

NOTE: Multidirectional option includes both the linear and multidirectional patterns, randomly packaged together. Manufacturer tries to maintain even split of patterns, but not guaranteed. Only the Linear pattern may be ordered individually. 



Graphite Linear

Graphite Multidirectional


Grey Linear

Grey Multidirectional


White Linear

White Multidirectional


Ivory Linear

Ivory Multidirectional


Orange Linear

Orange Multidirectional


Green Linear

Green Multidirectional


Blue Linear

Blue Multidirectional


Pink Linear

Pink Multidirectional


  • 12x24


Body Glazed Non-color Body Porcelain
Country of Origin Italy
Budget Price Per square foot. For budgeting purposes only. Applies to field tile (not mosaics, trim, decor). Overall collection average used - some items slightly less or slightly more than range. $6-$10
Lead Time Estimated based upon averages. Lead times on each order depend upon availability at time of order. West coast of US should add +1 week if product is import. Contact us for QTYs >5,000SF. 6-8 Weeks
Stock Availability Import/Factory Stock
Thickness 10mm
Rectified Yes
Look Colors (Muted & Saturated), Patterned, Patterns (Linear), Wall Tile, Wall Tiles (3-D & Textured)
Finish Matte

Technical Specifications

Test Name Test Method Test Result Notes
Water Absorption EN 10545-3 ≤ 0.5%  
Breaking Strength EN 10545-4 35/mm2  
DCOF ANSI A137.1 ≤0.42 Material is intended for wall use only.