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Tile Talk December 2020 | Tile Benefits

The New Year is quickly approaching (it cannot come fast enough – lol!). And if you know anything about me, I like lists!  So, as we focus on our New Year’s goals and resolutions, let me take this time to remind you why I love tile, and why you should incorporate it into your next project.

I present to you: Ken’s Top 4 Benefits of Tile

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  • Virtually Stainproof – bring on the wine!
  • Fire Resistant – even a fire can’t touch it.
  • Low Water Absorption – the porcelain varieties can be used both indoor / outdoor.
  • High Breaking Strength – there is a reason why it’s the preferred choice for dealership showrooms.
  • Tough to Scratch – the perfect choice for commercial traffic.
Dark grey kitchen

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Unmatched Beauty

Grey marble tile
  • Limitless Possibilities – plethora of sizes and colors for every aspect of the project.
  • Designs – available in all categories – from classic traditional to modern and contemporary.
  • Seamless – design for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Health & Hygiene

  • Antimicrobial – Inhospitable to microbes (resists mold and mildew).
  • No VOC’s – this means there are no harmful gases emitted from tile.
  • Nontoxic – no toxic fumes when near or around fire and heat.
  • No formaldehyde – no irritants or respiratory concerns.
Baby playing with toys

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Low Maintenance 

Mop and bucket to clean tile
  • Cleanability – in most situations, a simple sweep, and some clean water will do (can it get any easier?!).
  • No Sealers – less is more! So, in most instances, tiles do not require sealers (that goes for grout, too).
  • Say No to Harsh Chemicals – stay away from heavily alkalinic or acidic cleaners…stick with neutral everyday cleaners for best results.

There you have it, guys!  Obviously, this only scratches the surface when it comes to the benefits of tile, but at least you can keep these in mind as you consider your next hard-finish floor and wall products.

From everyone here at Creative Materials Corp – take care of each other, stay safe, and enjoy the egg nog!  See you in the New Year