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Tile Talk June 2020 | Top 5 Jobsite Tips to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

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Creative Materials and Bowman Flooring Contractor are actively following the COVID-19 pandemic both domestically and globally.  As we navigate these unique and uncertain times, we are mindful of the impact our response may have on our clients, suppliers, employees, and the overall community.  Together, we understand and recognize the need to help reduce the spread of, and exposure to, the virus.

Stay-at-home or shelter-in-place directives are slowly being lifted around the country, meaning businesses are reopening with specific limitations and restrictions.  Just as guidance has been provided for restaurants, gyms, bowling alleys, theaters, and many other retail establishments, the same type of approach should be utilized and practiced for every construction site across the country.

With this in mind, Creative Materials and Bowman Flooring Contractor would like to share our Top 5 Tips to help reduce the spread and exposure of the COVID-19 virus on the jobsite.

Whether you work daily on a jobsite or visit only occasionally, consider these tips to keep everyone safer.

Social Distancing

You may be thinking, ‘Easier said than done!’  It certainly poses a challenge navigating a construction site while maintaining minimum distance from other trades.  However, every precaution must be utilized to keep jobsites safe for everyone.  This means:

  • Absolutely no handshaking.
  • Make every effort to limit the sharing of tools.
  • Safety control managers should strongly consider deploying a consistent and effective plan for staggering start times and end times (for all trades).
  • Encourage remote working for non-essential workers if possible, to reduce jobsite interactions.

Stop Germs

Many options to slow or stop the spread of germs need to be made available throughout the jobsite, including:

  • Hand sanitizers and disinfectants (ethanol or alcohol-based approved by WHO).
  • Wash stations should increase to match the number of daily trades onsite.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be mandated (i.e., ASTM approved face guards and coated work gloves) for situations where appropriate social distancing can not be achieved.

Keep it Clean

The hard truth is that jobsites will require a lot more cleaning, and with increased effort. In addition to standard daily cleaning practices, all frequent gathering spaces need to be cleaned and disinfected several times per day, including but not limited to:

  • Toilet rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Jobsite meeting areas

Screen & Restrict

To further ensure the safety of everyday workers:

  • New screening measures at jobsite entry locations, including temperature screening, general health questions pertaining to jobsite individuals (and with whom they’ve been in contact), and checking to make sure workers have PPE.
  • Visitors – site access should only be allowed to persons essential for project continuity.
  • Non-essential meetings and large gatherings should use virtual platforms in lieu of a physical gathering place.

Establish a COVID-19 Response Team

Specific to the project, this team will support subcontractors and other trades by:

  • Monitoring the health and safety of the project.
  • Implementing appropriate protocols.
  • Sharing and distributing important information to all pertinent parties.

We understand that these tips do not fully encapsulate all the safety measures needed to fully protect every individual at a jobsite.

However, it is our hope that by providing these guidelines, proactive measures can be used to establish health and safety protocols for construction sites across the country.

From everyone at Creative Materials and Bowman Flooring Contractor – stay safe and take care of each other.

Until next time,

– Ken