Erin’s Picks April 2017 | Sapphire Tile Bias


Sapphire Bias



Outlast Tile - Blue

I’d like to begin by saying I’m completely biased towards this mosaic because of the Sapphire Blue ‚Äď it’s one of my¬†favorite colors and is a spitting image of the jewel tone. But enough about the Sapphire tone, this collection has 6¬†other awesome colors. There is a great silver gradient, a soft gold and bronze, and a striking black.


So, what does this glass have¬†that’s so special? The line and¬†hex mosaics are contemporary¬†twists on traditional shapes. The¬†line mosaic is a new take on a¬†beveled brick, the angles or bevels¬†are on the back side instead of the¬†face. The hex mosaic captures a¬†mix of dimensionality, contrasting finishes¬†and d textures ‚Äď matte, clear¬†and raised glass, and striated and¬†beveled back textures.


This tile begs for some illumination,¬†whether it’s under cabinet LED lights¬†in a kitchen, or some wall washers¬†grazing the tile on a feature wall. The¬†subtle shimmer embedded on the¬†backside of this tile is as described‚Ķ¬†subtle, but when light is introduced,¬†the tile shines bright‚Ķ like a¬† diamond¬†(Ok, I know a couple Rihanna songs).¬†The light bounces off the facets in the¬†line and the contrasting finishes and¬†textures of the hex ‚ÄĒ it really takes this tile to the next level.

THE TILE POINTSOutlast White Tile Installation

Aesthetic: Glass Mosaic
Sizes: Line 2′ x 6′ on 12′ x 13′ Sheet
and Hex 2′ x 2′ on 12′ x 13′ Sheet
Location: Stocked Domestically
Mosaic Budget: $$ [out of $$$$$]
Application: Walls

Want to see the brilliant effects of the outlast collection yourself?  Request a sample and shine your cellphone light over it!


Oxford Tile Collection

I know you’re probably thinking ‘Oh, great, another concrete look?!’, but here’s the thing ‚Äď this is one¬†to keep in your tile ‘tool box.’ This is a great option for a minimalist concrete look with a board-formed¬†aesthetic that is stocked domestically. Perfect for the project where you ‘needed it yesterday.’

The palette is quite simple ‚ÄĒ gray¬†and dark grey, available in 2 large¬†formats, 24′ x 48′ and 8′ x 48′,¬†and budget friendly! I love this tile¬†format because it allows for less¬†grout joints, which is a goal for¬†this aesthetic. It also allows for the¬†board-form texture to flow nicely¬†from one tile to the next.


I can’t think of an application where¬†this tile can’t be used‚Ķ well, maybe¬†there are one or two, but you get the¬†point, this has a lot of uses. If your design needs a minimalist look for¬†the floor, this is a great option ‚ÄĒ it¬†won’t compete with other finishes.¬†If you’re looking to create a pattern¬†with a concrete aesthetic, these¬†sizes allow you to create unique¬†patterns. Pattern designs and layouts¬†are one of many great services we¬†offer at Creative Materials.


Aesthetic: Concrete
Sizes: 24′ x 48′ and 8′ x 48′
Location: Stocked Domestically
Field Tile Budget: $$ [out of $$$$$]
Application: Floors and Walls

Contact us to request a sample of Oxford.