Erin’s Picks November 2017 | Tom The Tile Turkey


Meet Tom, the Tile Turkey!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I think I’m still coming down from my sugar high, only to roll it right into a food coma at the end of the month. Oh, Turkey day. My plate usually consists of 75% mashed potatoes with butter and a little gravy, 15% cranberry sauce (jelly kind, of course! If it doesn’t have the ridges of the can, I don’t want it), 7% stuffing with gravy, and 3% turkey with some crispy skin. I’m not a huge turkey fan… (I can hear the gasps already) it’s never been my thing! I’d much rather have a lobster or crispy duck on Thanksgiving. There has got to be someone that can relate to me?! Maybe the turkeys?? Ha.

So, in keeping tune with the holiday season, this month’s tile palette is inspired by the colors of fall, Thanksgiving, and everything that comes to mind this time of year. Outside the fallen leaves, Ruby, Gold and Honey, in color, Blossom at the base of Dark and Light Wood trees. The chilly air is the perfect time for cozy fabrics, Balliol’s Light and Dark Plaid, are warm and inviting; the perfect pairing with a popping and crackling fire. Those flickering flames of gold and blue will Outlast the cold dark evening, leaving you with the opportunity to count stars to Infinity

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom the Tile Turkey