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Tile Talk October 2018 | Why Quantities Matter Part 3

Two months ago in ‘Why Quantities Matter’, part 1, I spoke about lowering total costs as it relates to operations and direct materials, strictly from a manufacturing standpoint.  I mentioned that knowing accurate quantities early on facilitates a more effective strategic process, which not only helps to drive efficiency but can greatly improve the final sale cost.  So, on that note, lets briefly expand on the topic of costs.

Tractor trailer on highway

From a project standpoint, direct costs aren’t unique to manufacturing alone.  Think about the logistical execution of the materials themselves.  The way in which the tiles are stored, transported and delivered, and ultimately unloaded – all directly impact the bottom line.  To that extent, knowing quantities early on can help yield a more predictable logistical experience, even down to the transportation costs.  Generally speaking, the larger the project, the bigger the impact of these costs.

As I’ve said before, a purpose-built and customized supply chain program not only offers unmatched lead times and material availability but also minimizes unnecessary costs.  The good news is, those cost savings are directly transferred to you.

Accurate quantities; improved logistics; lower costs

Creative Materials has a dedicated team of project management professionals that coordinate material supply for large projects and for corporate multi-unit brand clients.  Through consistent communication with all parties, our project management team proactively coordinates the production and shipment of material to meet the installation schedule of your project, or strategically manages your supply chain if you are a corporate brand client.  Through this process, we work to provide a more efficient experience for all project stakeholders and we minimize unnecessary costs which are directly transferred to you.

And saving money makes everyone happy.

Check back next month as we wrap up this 4 Part series on Why Quantities Matter!