Erin’s Picks February 2020 | National Tile Day and 2020 Spring Summer Featured Collections


See what is new in tile for 2020!

We’ve had an exciting and busy week at Creative Materials!

On Sunday, we celebrated National Tile Day with some tile-spiration! On Monday, we revealed our new 2020 Spring Summer Featured Collections inspired by the trends and aesthetics we saw at Cersaie in September.

Let’s take a look at the tile …

[su_heading align=’left’]  Happy National Tile Day! [/su_heading]

We were inspired by the beautiful cities we work and live in and composed tile palettes to reflect the colors and textures we find there.

Boston, Massachusetts features the following collections: Pastille, Wavelength, Underline, Pietra Serena, Chroma

Chicago, Illinois features the following collections: Dot, Organic Concrete, Dune, Byte, Ceppo di Gre

Washington, D.C. features the following collections: Catalonia, Chroma, Kaleidoscope, Cementing, Bateau

New York, New York features the following collections: Nimbus, Juxtapose, Frammento, Organic Concrete, Chroma

Seattle, Washington features the following collections: Inside, Tune, Cementing, Frammento, Boiserie

Los Angeles, California shown above features the following collections: Bouquet, Shine, Rain, Lively, Boiserie, Boscage

[su_heading align=’left’]  2020 Spring Summer Featured Collections [/su_heading]

Our 2020 Spring Summer Collection reflects a playful biophilic design aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

SCENARI | Gauged Porcelain Tile, Small format 24’x48′

The gauged porcelain tile’s wallcovering aesthetics let you bring greenery into your design without the maintenance.

Check out our Scenari collection for more inspiration.

ORGANIC CONCRETE | Standard Thickness, Gauged Porcelain Tile, Porcelain Paver in a Variety of Sizes 

This concrete collection has subtle and bold organic designs etched on its surface. Some of the designs remind me of looking at objects under a microscope in high school biology class, they have a molecular vibe.

Check out all Organic Concrete collections for more inspiration.

FRAMMENTO | Standard Thickness in a Variety of Sizes 

Terrazzo looks can have an organic quality to them, especially our new collection, Frammento. The Macro design plays with the scale of the aggregate. The collection’s through body technology makes it hard to tell if this is a porcelain terrazzo look or the real deal. Another fun and playful element to this collection is its use of color. Macro and Micro are available in rose, pink, green, yellow and blue colorways, making this terrazzo collection the most colorful option available in tile.

Check out our Frammento collection for more inspiration.

We hope you enjoy our new 2020 Spring Summer Featured Collections! Let us know what your favorites are!

Until next time…